About us.

Where did it all begin?

Like many businesses, in a shed. Over time I’ve slowly developed my skills and knowledge and bought all the tools needed to start a business. This business was once just a dream so thank you all for the continued support.

Many moons ago I worked as a field archaeologist and was obsessed with the creations of our ancestors. I would go metal detecting and also get to find goodies on our many excavations. Over the last few thousand years or so the basics of it all have changed little and many of the tools used then are still used now.

About the business.

We’re based in Washington, on the Northeast coast of England. We offer blacksmithing services, silversmithing services and sometimes delve into other crafts too. I tend to be handy with a good many things. In addition to selling goods, we have created I try to encourage the crafts and regularly host workshops. Blacksmithing days can be arranged by appointment also.

Both me and my other half (she’s the boss) spend a good deal of time wandering the Yorkshire coast in search of both Whitby Jet and fossils. The jet gets made into pretties which can be found for sale in our shop.