It’s finally here!

After much contemplating I’ve gave in and decided to make a website. You’ll find lots of goodies here which you can order from the comfort of your home along with details on the various workshops.

We’re based in Sunderland and offer blacksmithing and metalworking services along with goods for sale that I’ve created and delve into other crafts when needed. Long ago I started meddling with metal and managed to get to the stage where I felt setting up a business was the sensible thing to do.

I’m not particularly driven by the financial element of a business but if it encourages such crafts and allows me to further my journey it can only be a good thing. I dare say I may have already sent a good many on a similar path of learning and creating also (good luck to you all!).

Any custom really helps and is greatly appreciated – Moreso in these times of financial troubles as it really is a struggle now.

I’m still adding products to the web shop but hope to have everything on soon.


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